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  World Matters Architectural Borders  

60 Industry standard, photo-real, Architectural Border textures


SDS is proud to release this beautiful collection of 60 unique photographic architectural border patterns and accompanying bump maps for your architectural renderings. Each design creates seamless (end to end) ornamental borders at any length you choose.

Styled to add decorative accents to any architectural designs, you can use these use these materials to frame doors, windows or other openings in game environments and architectural renderings, well as crown any building or furniture element. They are versatile enough to depict virtually any period in history; from Neo-Classical to Futurism.  Whether you’re building a Roman amphitheater or visualizing the city of the future, this package will become a necessary tool in your 3d pallet.

In the same way, this is amazingly useful in your 2d digital pieces, allowing you to mix architectural styles, movements, and cultures into your designs, adding a sense of history, scale and space.

Use these textures in your renders Today! Immediate product download!




*       Industry Standard quality Saved in lossless PNG Format.

*       Each image was created using custom photography taken on-location

*       All images have been digitally processed by professional texture artists

*       Each texture has been color corrected for optimal render performance.


architectural Border textures