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  World Matters Border Patterns Vol. 2  

80 Industry standard, photo-real, border pattern textures.

  Border Pattern textures  

Border Patterns Vol.2 another addition to the World Matters, Pattern Borders collection.  Expanding on the previous release, vol. 2 offers another necessary set of fabricated architectural ornamental/decor border style texture maps. Just as was available in the previous texture pack we bring you ten more uniquely designed styles with 8 different stone/ceramic material variations each for a total of 80 images. Created using precise geometry of thousands of polygons rendered to single 256x1024 texture mapping images ensuring accurate angles and lighting and beautifully textured with photographic stone/ceramic materials.

As before, these patterns were designed to add a newly expanded variety of styles and patterns to your structures.  This package opens up a whole new set of options in your material library.




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*       Industry Standard quality Saved in lossless PNG Format.

*       All materials are 1024px X 1024px resolution and perfectly SEAMLESS.

*       Each image was created using custom photography taken on-location

*       All images have been digitally processed by professional texture artists

*       Each texture has been color corrected for optimal render performance.



border textures