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  World Matters Plasters and Stuccos  

40 Industry standard, photo-real, plaster and stucco textures

  plaster and stucco textures  

World Matters, Plaster and Stucco texture package is another of SDS's signature products, with 40 unique plaster and stucco materials. We have seen a steep increase in the usage of stucco materials in architectural visualization and exterior facades.

Seamlessly tiled, these stucco textures are a necessity for anyone building architectural structures or game environments. Now you can incorporate these solid hard wall textures into your architectural designs without the tedious responsibility of processing raw photos and creating tilable materials. All the work is done for you!

The Images range from clean new plaster to dirty, aged and weathered stuccos, in a rainbow of colors. Due to the wide variety of wall materials, these textures are useful in all types of work both 2d and 3d.





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*      Industry Standard quality Saved in lossless PNG Format.

*       All materials are 1024px X 1024px resolution and perfectly SEAMLESS.

*       Each image was created using custom photography taken on-location

*       All images have been digitally processed by professional texture artists

*       Each texture has been color corrected for optimal render performance.


stucco textures