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World Matters, Texture Library


Architectural / Industrial

Tile Patterns vol 1-4



Borders Pattern vol 1-2



        Brick Work                                          Architectural Borders



    Plasters and Stuccos                                              Tile Materials Vol 1-2                             



          Metals                                                                Marbles Vol 1-2                             



        Carpets                                                           Cements Vol 1-2                             



Perforated Metals                                                   Stone Walls Vol 1-2                             

------------ stonewalls2_thumbnail


Outdoor Woods                              Indoor Woods                                           Wood Floors

<sas------Wood floors





Distant Terrains                                                Stones & Boulders Vol 1-2             

Distant Terrains------------


Cliffs & Canyons                          Ground Vegitation                                 Ground Vegitation

<sasGround Vegitation------ Sands


             Gravels                                               Barks & Dead Woods