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  World Matters Tile Materials
Vol. 1

77 Industry standard, photo-real, tile material textures

  tile material textures  

This is the first installment of Tile Material textures from the World Matters texture library. This pack features 77 seamless tile ceramic and stone textures, used as materials to construct floor or wall tiles for your architectural, indoor and outdoor scenes.

This texture collection will become a necessary asset for anyone building architectural structures, or game designers who need unique custom tile sufaces.. Now you will have raw ceramic and stone materials at your disposal, without having to commit to the hours of boring and tedious images processing required to tile all of these assets. All the work is done for you!

The images range greatly in stone and ceramic type while varying greatly in material color. This pack, coupled with the second edition Tile Materials, you will have virtually every possible ceramic tile material.





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*      Industry Standard quality Saved in lossless PNG Format.

*       All materials are 1024px X 1024px resolution and perfectly SEAMLESS.

*       Each image was created using custom photography taken on-location

*       All images have been digitally processed by professional texture artists

*       Each texture has been color corrected for optimal render performance.


tile materials